F. Scott Fitzgerald

By 1930, Fitzgerald was the highest paid short story writer in America with pieces in SCHRIBNER'S MAGAZINE, ESQUIRE, COLLIERS and SATURDAY EVENING POST.

Later, he was recognized as a prolific writer with more than five major novels, 160 short stories.

Because Fitzgerald felt that only by experiencing life could he write honestly and intensely, Scott and Zelda deliberately personified the Jazz Age in their lifestyle and he distilled that decade - and more - into his writings.

If you look into his fiction, you will find Fitzgerald and the contemporary American scene.  You will also find remembered traces of his friends, his neighborhood, and the Historic Hill District.

But the question remains:  What do you - with today's broader views of history and architectural styles - think of Fitzgerald's neighborhood?

Fitzgerald ca 30  Por 11888 pl  neg#83511  Photo Minneapolis Star-Tribune