Cass Gilbert

Gilbert, an early professionally trained architect, had studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spent a year sketching in Europe, and worked briefly in the New York office of McKim, Mead and White before coming back to St. Paul in 1893 to open an office with James Knox Taylor as his partner.  Gilbert’s sense of design created this outstanding government building of white Georgia marble (availability and price were right), with a St. Cloud grey granite base, Hinckley sandstone foundation and interior walls of Mankato-Kasota dolostone.  Gilbert's attention to details, to high standards of quality in materials and workmanship, and to the importance of decorative elements has produced a beautiful building, one that ran to $4,500,000 rather than the budgeted $2,000,000, when opened in 1905.

Gilbert and Staff 1900 FM6.143/ml Neg #29605