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Kellogg was a Minnesota senator 1917 – 1923 during the debates on the League of Nations, served as spokesman for the Republican majority on the senate foreign relations committee, was ambassador to England during the reparations negotiations, became U. S. secretary of state during the Coolidge administration.  (Coolidge is shown here in the straw hat, with Kellogg to his left.)  Kellogg lent his name to the Kellogg-Briand Treaty of Paris, an idealistic renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy except in cases of self-defense.  In the 1930 he served five years as a judge on the World Court.  Kellogg died here in 1937.  One of the major avenues in the city bears his name.

Coolidge and Kellogg (President Calvin Coolidge at home of F. Kellogg 1925)  J41.lr19  neg #8460-A