623 Summit Avenue

Phillip  F. McQuillan, Scott Fitzgerald’s grandfather, was born in Ireland and emigrated through Galena to St. Paul in 1857 to become a wealthy wholesale grocer,  having built the tallest building in town at the time - a four-storey warehouse of local Platteville limestone.

Commercial activity and the expansion of the railroads forced Louisa Allen McQuillan, now widowed, and her family to move from Old St. Mary’s Parish in Lower Town - where they had been neighbors and friends of the James and Mary Hill Family and the Irelands - to “up on the hill.”   Louisa McQuillan bought  property at Summit and Dale in 1893,  built her home in 1897 and lived here three years.

The house is a two-and-a-half storey Tudor-Gothic brick structure with brownstone trim.    It has a crenelated tower and bay,  pointed arched windows,  and a steeply pitched roof with a shingled dormer.   Fitzgerald, as a three-year-old, visited here while his family were living in Buffalo, NY.