590 Summit Avenue

Socialite Alexandra Kalman and her husband Oscar were the stable, protective St. Paul friends of Scott and Zelda.  When Baby Scottie was due in October of 1921, Xandra was the one who  bought diapers, bassinet and baby clothes and arranged for the doctor, hospital room and round-the-clock nursing for Zelda  (Page & Koblas, 117).  She helped the couple find a rental home in Dellwood.  They were eventually evicted for letting pipes freeze one cold winter night.  The Fitzgerald's last St. Paul house was the property of Xandra's mother-in-law.  In the 1930's the Kalmans were a source of loans for a sometimes impoverished Fitzgeralds.

The Kalmans lived at 590 Summit Avenue, the latest house in this review of Fitzgerald's neighborhood, a marked contrast to the Romanesque, Queen Anne, Italianate, and Beaux Arts styles of earlier years.  Built in 1913 for Greve Oppenheim by Ellerbe-Round for $10,000, it is in the Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright and, locally, of Purcell, Feick and Elmslie.  The simple horizontal box-like composition has sloping roof with wide overhangs and large window and wall planes.