481 Laurel Avenue

Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born September 24, 1896, at home in this pullman apartment at 481 Laurel Ave.  Edward and Mollie rented the second floor west until the family moved two years later to Buffalo, N.Y.  There Edward, never a successful businessman, took a job as a salesman for Proctor and Gamble.

This apartment building is now an attractive condominium, but that has not always been true.  In the 1960’s, the structure was so neglected and dilapidated as to be ready for demolition.  Urban renewal programs of the 60’s and 70’s - (Old Towne Restorations is one example of such a neighborhood development program) - combined with the interest of a younger generation in their grandparents’ housing resulted in its restoration.  Similar restoration effects can be seen on Summit  Ave. and throughout the revitalized Historic Hill District.