380 Selby Avenue

Scott and his friend, Richard "Tubby" Washington, used to “hang out” smoking cigarettes and drinking cokes at two neighborhood drug stores, Frost's and Rietzke's located on the corners at Selby and Western Avenues.

The 380 Selby building is a Queen Anne structure of red pressed brick and  weathered  Bayfield Lake Superior brownstone, Herman Kretz and W. H. Thomas, architects.  Called Blair House, later the Angus Hotel, each rental unit had five or six large rooms.  Mollie Fitzgerald herself lived here after the death of Edward in 1931.  Restoration on the building was begun in 1981 and, today, it is condominiums and a commercial arcade.

Blair House/ Albion Hotel 1889  MR2.9/SP3.1A/p40  neg #8628